Vocational Portraitist with a touch of photojournalist.
I enjoy telling stories whilst living the vibe from a wedding.
This Journey starts eight years ago in Barcelona, going through to Madrid to study Masters of International Documentary photography
and goes on anywhere in the world where I am required.

Everything is ready, my camera, my nerves, your dreams…Let’s go for it!


Eating, the Sea, coffee, design and the Klein blue.
Wandering around Barcelona riding my motorbike.
Cuddle my dog. Summer storms and the smell of fresh wood. Contemplating a family album. Fixing the world with my friends. Laughing with my parents. Travelling with my partner.Having a plan B.


Frowning. Mushrooms. Things with no style. Bad manners.


Chilly weather. A good music. Having a good time in a charming coffee place. The tiny details. The Scandinavian countries.


Happy with an easy smile, curious, observer, creative, honest and hard worker.